The Deal

Quja offers you offices, meeting rooms, a gym and sauna, as well as expo and demo space. Plus, there’s a brilliant opportunity to network with other likeminded startups.

Deal details:

  • Affordable rent based on required office size
  • Coworking space for large teams or individuals
  • Includes floor space, Internet, tables and chairs
  • Preference for recently founded companies registered in Espoo, operating in telecom/mobile/internet/media domains

Submit Your Application

For more information and queries use the form or send e-mail to Thony Nyman (firstname.lastname {email-character}

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Quja history

Quja is a coworking campus located in the heart of Espoo. It's a perfect facility for startups with its spacious offices, meeting rooms and coworking areas, including a gym and sauna.

The facilities of Quja are owned and maintained by Tecnotree Corporation, which itself begun as a startup in 1978. Tecnotree's first premises were in the storeroom of a milk shop in Helsinki. The Quja premises were completed in 1993, and ever since have been the home for not only software development, but also microprocessor design, printed circuit boards design, assembly and hardware testing.

In the early days Tecnotree entrepreneurs worked on automation solutions but soon focused on paging systems with a clear growth opportunity in the horizon. Later the company pioneered on voice mail and voice messaging systems, gaining a strong foothold in Latin America with prepaid solutions. In 2009 the company merged with an Indian based company.

Today, Tecnotree is a company that employs over 1000 people globally and delivers telecom business IT systems for service providers around the world.